15 四月 2018

Beichen Zhang is a filmmaker and photographer.

Beichen Zhang was born in Shandong, China. He received his BA in photography department from the Shandong University of Arts in 2016(China) and MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019 (United States). By researching in the structures of  narratation and unveiling hidden histories, he frames most of his works through essay films and field-based research . Recent, he also worked with a broad range of media, Using audio, installation, art books to query and investigate the relationship of artifacts and Asian colonial history, the complexity of historical documentaries as well as visual anthropology. His work is a set of a visual experience of a metaphorical and poetic method through personal narratives. Through the research of archaeology and anthropology, history, art, and other disciplines, he examines and builds a poetic visual language with its thoughts. Beichen Zhang has exhibited in China and abroad,  and now he lives and works in New York City. His some photography works are represented by New York Art Center in Tribeca.


张北辰,出生于中国山东。于2016年获得山东艺术学院摄影系学士学位,并于2019年获得美国马里兰艺术学院摄影与电子媒介艺术硕士学位。他作品的主要媒介和工作方法是基于叙事结构研究和隐藏历史揭示的散文电影以及田野调查。最近,他也同时对多种媒介进行广泛的探索, 使用音频,装置,摄影书籍等媒介去研究与调查文物与亚洲殖民历史的关系,历史档案的复杂性以及影像人类学。他的作品是通过个人叙事,构架出一种隐喻和诗意的视觉体验,通过对考古学和人类学,历史,艺术跨学科的研究,以自身的思想重新来审视和构建一种诗意的视觉语言。张北辰的作品曾在中国和国外展出,现居住,工作于美国纽约,他的部分摄影作品由翠贝卡纽约艺术中心代理。