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The Narration of Photography

  • A review on Beichen Zhang’s 11,565 Kilometers Project”

Picture/Beichen Zhang     Aurthor/Chenbo Zhang

Photography is a source of narration.

Photography (11565 Kilometer) is Beichen Zhang’s photography project, which studies and constructs poetic visual language and ideas through the study of archaeology, anthropology, history, art and other disciplines.

The 11565 Kilometer project is the physical distance from Shandong Province (China) to the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum of the University of Pennsylvania (USA). In photography, a unique visual experience is constructed through a hidden and poetic method of personal narrative.

Beichen is a young photographer with image emotion and exploratory spirit. he graduated from Shandong Institute of Art majoring in photography and later studied at Maryland Institute College of Arts with a master’s degree in photography and electronic media art. In his film works, he extensively explores a variety of media, and constructs the narrative relationship between time and space. As Benjamin said, “even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is missing one element: its existence in time and space, its unique existence in that place. He called this cultural scene ‘its existence in time and space’”.

Beichen’s photographic works combine the image language with the local context, the combination of region and space, and the understanding from the process of his creation.

Read a kind of thinking about the origin of photography. Beichen starts from questioning the cultural relics of his hometown to the description of image construction, and then uses photography to plan fictional and realistic image narrative logic, and then uses images, devices, audio and other images to reproduce metaphorical image expressions.

The “11565 Kilometer” is a meaningful reflection on the origin of the image.



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A review on Beichen Zhang’s 11,565 Kilometers Project, Shandong Pictorial

A review on Beichen Zhang’s 11,565 Kilometers Project, Shandong Pictorial